Pega Business Architect

Pega Business Architect is designed to give you the skills and knowledge to work productively as a member of the Pega Development team

WYWM Academy · August 20, 2021
Course hours:40
Assessments:Formative & Summative Quizzes, Practical Assessments & Capstone Project
Certificate:WYWM Course Completion Certificate
Instructor Support:Yes


Developing applications can seem a daunting process. However, using the Pega Low code application business management software you can build functioning applications that integrate with external APIs in much less time without spending hours reading through lines of code.

If you are interested in getting into software development, this course will give you a good understanding of the structure of dev teams as well as provide you with the entry level skills to work in a dev team.

Course Objectives

The course objectives (as compared to lesson objectives) will look at a more holistic approach to what we will be achieving once you have completed the course and the capstone project. The lesson objectives (which will appear in each lesson) will define the objectives of that particular lesson.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand and Describe Pega Business Architect Terminology (including Scrum, Agile and Pega Express)
  • Build and test low code applications using the App and Dev Studio in Pega
  • How to capture the information needed to create functioning applications
  • How to extract the information from stakeholder briefs to build user stories to be actioned by Lead Systems Architects within the capstone project
  • You will also be prepared to sit for the Pega Certified Business Architect Certification

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Course Includes

  • 32 Lessons
  • Course Certificate